Affordable Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth surgery helps people to have wisdom teeth removed as painlessly as possible. If a wisdom tooth is completely visible, it can be pulled like any other tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery by a Specialist 

Gentle treatment with great results. Most patients come by recommendation! 

"I imagined worse!"  This is the most common response from our patients. The treatment and wound healing afterward proceed without any significant complications. 

Sensitive - The dentists and the team take great care of the patients' well-being. 

Attentive - We understand patients' concerns both before and after surgery. With us, you will be treated very well. 

Volume discount - If several (up to 4) wisdom teeth are removed, we can make you a special offer. It's worth asking! 

We can perform wisdom tooth operations! 

Wisdom tooth operations are very often demanding surgical interventions. The experience of our dentists and the well-rehearsed team enable routine, gentle surgery. 

We value giving you the best possible education. That is why we also offer you a  free initial consultation. Our patients are well-informed about the procedure and costs of the wisdom tooth operation. 

More questions? 

If the teeth are not covered with gums, impacted, or dislocated, extraction can be very simple. The costs in such simple cases start at around 150CHF per tooth. 

With completely or partially covered teeth, a little more work needs to be doneso the costs are from 300 CHF per tooth. 

In the case of impacted (completely covered with bone) and simultaneously displaced teeth, considerable work needs to be carried out. The costs for very complex extractions are usually from CHF 500 per tooth. In the case of operations under anesthesia, costs for the anesthesia team will be charged separately 

Cost Comparison - Many of our new patients have made a cost comparison in advance and ultimately decided to go with us. It's worth comparing! 

Also called: the third molar. The term comes from the "old" age at which they break through. Normally every person has four wisdom teeth that were created before birth. However, some people do not have all four or any wisdom teeth at all. 


The wisdom tooth surgery serves to have wisdom teeth removed as painlessly as possible. If a wisdom tooth has completely erupted, the wisdom tooth can be pulled like any other tooth. 

Everyone knows them: the horror stories at the dentist. Wisdom tooth surgery! 

In fact, it is often a very demanding procedure. However, experienced dentists rarely encounter serious complications. 

The longer the procedure lasts, the more likely complications such as swelling, and pain are to be expected. 

In our experience, you only need painkillers for the first few days (if at all). Almost all our patients had no major complications. 

With the help of the experience of our dentists, the process of removing wisdom teeth at Smilezone is carefully planned and carried out gently. 

  1. Planning and Education: Each treatment is professionally planned and discussed with the patient. 
  2. The patient is well prepared for the procedure. 
  3. The procedure is carried out gently and under effective anesthesia. 
  4. Detailed information about the behavior after the treatment is communicated transparently. There are hardly any complications after the treatment.

The teeth do not necessarily have to be removed. But often there is no room in the jaw to get through. Removal is recommended if there is insufficient space, risk of inflammation, or if there is tooth decay. 

If wisdom teeth removal is recommended at a young age, please do not wait too long. Like a tree, wisdom teeth become more "rooted" in the bones over time and make the operation more difficult. 

How many wisdom teeth you have and whether they have room to erupt can be determined by the dentist using an overview X-Ray (panoramic layer images OPT, PSA). 

Ideally, panoramic slice images (OPG, OPT, PSA) are made in order to plan the treatment. 


In many cases, wisdom teeth can be removed without surgery. This means that it takes place without cutting or drilling. 

Depending on the position, the crown and/or root must then be exposed and possibly divided in order to remove the tooth. 

The procedure itself is always pain-free, as there is a local anesthetic. 

Je erfahrener der Zahnarzt, desto schneller ist der Zahn raus, und desto weniger Komplikationen gibt es. In den meisten Fällen dauert eine Weisheitszahn-OP ca. eine Stunde. Für alle vier.
In der Regel werden die Wunden zugenäht, um die Wundheilung zu unterstützen. Ungefähr 10 Tage später werden die Fäden entfernt

The more experienced the dentist, the faster the tooth will be out and the fewer complications there are. In most cases, a wisdom tooth operation takes about an hour. For all four. 

Usually, the wounds are sewn shut to aid wound healing. About 10 days later, the sutures are removed. 



In general, you shouldn't smoke after surgery at the dental practice. Intense sports activities, alcohol, or touching the wound (e.g. with the tongue) should also be avoided. You can use pain relievers and/or mouthwashes while the wound is healing. 

You will receive a  doctor's certificate for your employer. 

Most anesthetics continue to work for some time after a wisdom tooth operation. You should not eat or drink hot drinks during this time. You can drink cold drinks in small sips. Once the anesthesia has worn off, you can take warm drinks and eat soft food again. Pureed and lukewarm soups are suitable, as are soft-boiled vegetables, meat,  fish, or “baby food”. 

The food should not be hard, hot, or spicy. This irritates the wound and can lead to inflammation, pain, and bleeding. After eating, you should brush your teeth gently and use a mouthwash. As soon as the wound has healed and the stitches are pulled, you can eat whatever you like again. 

Dr. med. dent. Anton L. Gold (specialist dentist for oral surgery)
Dr. med. dent. Anton L. Gold (specialist dentist for oral surgery)
Free online advice possible
Free online advice possible


Easy Removal

from 150 CHF per tooth
  • Completely visible
  • Simple root shape

Medium Effort

from 300 CHF per tooth
  • Partly visible
  • Root shape not complicated

Schoolchildren, Student Discounts

on request
  • Special offer for schoolchildren, students, and apprentices.




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